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Nassau Bahamas Hotel - Nettie's Place

WiFi Zone

Pack your shades, sunscreen and your laptop!

Nettie's Place Offer Free Wi-Fi Service.

In case you don't know what wi-fi means, it means you have free broadband Internet wireless connectivity almost anywhere you are at Nettie's Place. Anywhere includes almost all rooms, the patio bar, the pool, the lobby, and we're pretty sure we'll even reach the beach. Your connectivity device—probably a lap-top computer—has to have a wi-fi network card (they cost less then $100), but once you have one you can roam around Nettie's Place and you're always connected to the Internet. You can browse, check your email etc. with broadband speed for free.

For those of you familiar with wi-fi, our free service supports both 802.11b and 802.11g devices and there are neither logins and password nor daunting firewalls to contend with. Tell your device to scan and it will soon lock into our strong signal. Cool.

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