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Nettie SymonetteIt's hard to find someone working at Nettie's that isn't a Symonette. That means a lot, or should. Symonettes have been working successfully in the hospitality business for generations.  Make your Bahamas hotel reservation online!

Nettie Symonette

Nettie Symonette:  Nettie's industry and creativity has won her kudos in the popular media and a place in the Hospitality Hall of Fame, as well as many other awards of recognition for her service to her native Bahamas. She began Nettie's thirty years ago as "Casuarina's" and returns now from her ecotourism resort in Abaco, Different, to join her family in energizing "Casuarinas" with a new mission. Nettie's Place is transforming every day with upgrades, innovations and a unique artistic style that mirrors Nettie's personal island flair.

Bahamas Hotel - Nettie's Place in Nassau, BahamasChristina Symonette doesn't actually work here, but is one of Nettie's youngest (and most adorable) grandchildren who is a "regular".

Shirley Symonette, daughter, with an infectious laugh, can happily point you in the direction of where to find what you need in Nassau. Don't be shy! She won't mind teaching you some new Bahamian lingo or learn some local history.

Wellington, son, is on property early every morning. His ingenuity makes him indispensable for solving daily problems and his hospitality is a genuine as his smile.

Elwin, son (extended family!), is at equally at home in the kitchen or behind the bar. Patient and professional, Elwin will whip up a Wedding Feast for 200 or a bowl of legendary "coo coo soup (with Romantic Powers!), as easily as he can pour a cold "stitchie".

You can meet Nettie's daughter, Marsha, at the front desk where she manages guest reception and reservations. Expect Ritz quality attention from Marsha, who has a passion for special touches and attending to details: be it fresh hibiscus flowers in your room or anticipating her guests' needs and making the extra effort to care for them.

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